About Hardwood Cafe

Our Name

I've received many interesting comments and questions regarding our name. The most common is something along the lines of "sounds more like a place to buy a cup of coffee than a hardwood floor." So what does "cafe" have to do with running a hardwood flooring business? Actually, quite a lot:

  • We don't serve coffee but we do serve up the floor of your dreams
  • A café is a place where you can momentarily escape the stress all around you, kick up your feet and enjoy a cup of coffee. When we enter your home, we do everything we can to help reduce the stress that normally comes with a remodeling project. And when we're gone, we leave behind a stress-free zone - highlighted of course by the beauty and warmth of your new hardwood floor - to which you can escape at anytime.
  • At a café, you buy a cup of coffee and enjoy it over a hardwood floor. At Hardwood Cafe, you buy a floor and enjoy it over a cup of coffee!
  • At a café, you order your coffee any way you want it. At Hardwood Cafe, you order your floor any way you want it. We offer a menu of great possibilities.

Our Customers

Hardwood Cafe focuses primarily on existing residential as opposed to new construction or commercial. Our customers generally fall in to one of the following categories:

  • Those who want to replace aging vinyl or carpet by upgrading to hardwood
  • Those who already have hardwood in part of the house and want to install it in other areas
  • Those who want to restore existing hardwood that has become scratched and worn

Our Service

Installing and refinishing hardwood floors is a way to make a living but it goes far beyond that for us. We are passionate about the opportunity to put our imagination and craftsmanship to work in creating the floor of your dreams. Your floor is the canvas on which we will strive to create a work of art that will bring great satisfaction both to you and to us.

Our Products

Hardwood Cafe offers a wide range of products. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is not always true when it comes to hardwood flooring. We work hard to find good quality at good prices and it is possible to get both. Hardwood Cafe will not install inferior products.

To find the hardwood floor of your dreams, call us today at 719-262-9663 or contact us by email.