Why Choose Hardwood?


No floor compares to hardwood when it comes to warmth and beauty. Hardwood floors bring a slice of nature into your home, each board with its unique characteristics of color and grain. It's true that floors are made for walking on but a hardwood floor gives you something to really look at and admire.


Hardwood floors are forever - at least while your house is still standing! You will never need to replace your hardwood floor. They will stand up to the wear and tear of pets, kids and an active lifestyle - even in high-traffic areas.


Hardwood is by far the easiest of floors to clean. Unlike days gone by when hardwood floors were coated with wax, proper cleaning takes minutes, requires no coating and is easy to do.

The Healthy Choice

Hardwood floors are often recommended by doctors for patients with allergies and other respiratory conditions. No matter how diligent you are, your carpet will never be clean. Dust, allergens and a host of micro-organisms accumulate in your carpet and affect the air you breathe. When properly cleaned, hardwood floors eliminate all this.


Affordability is not a word normally associated with hardwood floors. But if you do a true comparison with the cost of a good carpet, you might be surprised. Let's say you live in your home for 20 years. You replace your carpet once or twice during that time and pay to have it cleaned several times. This total cost can equal or come close to the cost of a hardwood floor. In addition, when you go to sell your house, you will likely recoup some of your investment.

Never Out of Style

Hardwood floors can be "decorated" with area rugs and other accents to match furniture, window treatments, paint colors and other components of a remodel. In addition, the color of a hardwood floor can be changed by refinishing it. Hardwood floors have been in style for hundreds of years!

Increased Home Value

Like the "leather package" on a car, hardwood floors will allow you to set a higher asking price when you sell your house. In a buyer's market, you will have an advantage over other homes that do not have hardwood floors. All the advantages that you enjoyed with your hardwood floors will be passed on to the next owner and they will likely be willing to pay a little extra for that.

For all these reasons, it makes sense to choose hardwood!