How Hard is Your Floor?

If you're considering many different types of wood, one thing to take into account is the hardness of a particular species. Below is a chart to help you make your decision:

Douglas Fir *
American Cherry
Carmelized Bamboo
Red Oak
White Oak
Hard Maple
Brazilian Cherry
Brazilian Teak

The above results are based on the Janka Hardness Test. Hover over a bar to see the exact hardness used to generate the bar. All hardnesses are approximate, and based on the specific species used for flooring (For instance, Bamboo normally ranges from 1400 to 1700, but the way it is used in flooring can yeild an actual hardness of around 1160).

* Douglass Fir is typically used for construction grade products (such as 2X4's), and not for flooring. It is included simply as a frame of reference (ie. Brazillian Teak is over 5 times as hard as douglass fir).